Redundant 5 is the title of our 7th collection. This AW 20/21 collection tells the story about 5 super different typesof people that work as colleagues at an extremely boring, corporate, office. They seem to have nothing in common but are brought together by their jobs. In the time they have been working together they have built an odd yet verystrong friendship between the 5 of them.

The reason they are this close is because they share a big secret.
All 5 of them are gifted with super powers. Together they are practicing and improving their skills everyday after work and also in the weekends. They have no control of their super powers yet and together they are trying to figu-re out how to be actual action figures. It has bonded them in a way they didn’t would be possible because of theirdifferences in personalities.

You never know who you end up with being friends with. Someone might seem totally different than you at first, but in the end they could seem to have so much more in common with you than you originally expected. Today’s society dedicates most of their lives to their jobs, it is kind of crazy that we spend most of our precious time here on earth in stuffy offices with people we feel like we have to compete with, rather than cooperate with.

This story is an anecdote for our view on this. We feel like we are part of a generation that is all about working to-gether and lifting each other up instead of dragging each other down to be the first at the finish line.

The characters of the story; Paul, Frank, Mia, Igor and Roksana have found each other in perusing the true me-aning of why they are on this earth, because they refuse to believe that they were given special powers only to live out their lives on a stuffy office, working for a company that they have no affection with whatsoever.

They call themselves the Redundant 5 because of how redundant they feel at the office, they could be replaced by anyone, anyday and no one in there would even notice for them to be gone. They know they are gifted and eventhough they seem pretty far away from being super heroes, they know they can make it happen as long as they got each other.

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